Geospatial curriculum development and onsite course instruction nationally

As a large national agency, the BLM has faced a challenge to stay up to date on the latest GIS software technologies. GIS Surveyors has been the primary contractor for the National Training Center to take custom developed curriculum out to the field. GSI has designed and taught GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing courses in over 25 State and Field Offices within the Bureau with repeat clients over a 15 year period.


Geospatial curriculum development and onsite course instruction nationally

The USFWS Invasives monitoring program is in charge of identifying and eradicating invasive species in refuges around the country. GIS Surveyors was responsible for developing curriculum using Trimble and ESRI products. We delivered this training onsite to refuges around the country who are combatting the invasive weeds program that costs some states over $100M/year.


E-Learning course development

The NOAA Coastal Services Center wanted a set of Geospatial e-Learning modules that could be distributed to all of their partners in the Pacific and Atlantic regions. GIS Surveyors created 3 courses in e-Learning format: GIS Applications, Projections, and LIDAR. It was reviewed by National Geodetic Survey and now represents a central repository for online instruction and is scalable for future topics.

City of San Diego

ESRI certified course catalog and custom courses

The City of San Diego regularly has new staff that are required to use geospatial data and applications. GIS Surveyors has maintained a regular schedule of GIS courses for 2 decades for City of San Diego personnel which has been offered through an ESRI Authorized Learning Center. The city has also had the benefit of our custom developed courses using San Diego County data.


Custom e-Learning course development for GeoReadiness portal

NAVFAC’s central geospatial program is called GeoReadiness and encompasses a multitude of geospatial software and processes used by Navy personnel around the world. GIS Surveyors assessed their training needs to design an online portal and a set of e-Learning modules that could complement their enterprise software applications. We created 4 videos using environmental workflows where geospatial data and analysis were needed and they are accessed in their central geospatial portal.

US Marine Corps

Custom geospatial workflow training for GeoFIDELIS e-Learning

The Marine Corps central geospatial program is called GeoFIDELIS. They contracted us to create the enterprise training video to highlight the features of their program and describe the geospatial requirements used by all programs and missions. We interviewed program managers and analysts at Camp Lejeune and Miramar Naval Air Base and shot video and software usage using multimedia tools like Adobe Captivate, After Effects and Premier. The training is served to their users around the world.

Airforce Reserve Command

GPS training for engineering in all reserve bases

AFRC purchased Trimble and ESRI technology to be employed by all Engineering Assistant reservists across the command. GIS Surveyors was tasked to give onsite trainings in GPS data collection and database creation for facilities features. All reserve bases were required to receive this training as preparation before deployment.


Curriculum development and e-Learning for GSTC

The Geospatial Service and Training Center is the central support arm of the USFS and wants to create training workflows that could be distributed to the national audience. For 5 years of repeated task orders, GIS Surveyors created new courses in cartography, modeling, SDE geodatabase editing, and motor vehicle use mapping. These were taught by our expert instructors or made available online for the 28,000 employees of the USFS.

US Navy

The Navy Shore Geospatial Energy Module (NSGEM) Program

In 2012, the estimated cost of the Navy’s fuel bill was 4 billion dollars and thus a policy was enacted to reduce energy consumption by 50% by the year 2020. GIS Surveyors created the e-Learning training to highlight the program, tools, metrics, and support staff. The training was offered Navy-wide to show all programs where the best use-cases in energy savings have taken place and how to use the NSGEMS tools to measure these reductions.