City of Pasadena

Tree Inventory Database Development

We used ArcGIS software to perform QA/QC of the City-owned tree inventory database. Attribute corrections were made to approximately 18,000 trees in the City’s database. We delivered the updated and corrected GIS database on-time and under budget to the City.

US Navy

Asbestos Sampling Database Development

GIS Surveyors supported the asbestos sampling program at Navy Medical Center San Diego. Field notes were compiled from paper and digital documents to create a geodatabase with all sample locations and attributes. The GIS database that was delivered to the client had over 1,500 sampled locations throughout the Balboa Hospital facilities.

Veterans Administration

Map Production

GIS Surveyors used ArcGIS software to support the VA hospital in Long Beach, CA. ArcGIS maps were made of the 19 upcoming construction and demolition projects. These maps were used to support the historical preservation agencies in evaluating the areas to be disturbed by these construction activities.

City of Alameda, CA

GIS Data Conversion

GIS Surveyors performed a conversion project for AMP which involved the transfer of GIS data from a NETBAS data format to an ArcGIS Geodatabase format. Attributes and spatial data were extracted from the NETBAS SQL formatted database and incorporated into the ArcGIS Electrical Multispeak geodatabase format. Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is the City of Alameda’s not‐for‐profit electric municipal utility, serving 34,000 customers for over 128 years.

Pacific Gas and Electric

Digitizing to update data for statewide gas distribution system

As a result of the 2010 gas explosion in San Bruno, CA that killed 8 people, PGE had a mandate to improve their knowledge of all features and attributes within the system. GIS Surveyors worked on a 1.5 year project to do complex editing for the gas distribution system across the State of California. We ran production with 5 fulltime analysts editing through ArcSDE.

State of California

Digitize the State of CA seismic zone layer

In California, seismic regions are a big concern with property owners, insurance agencies, and environmental companies. GIS Surveyors generated a digital coverage of the State’s seismic zones through scanning, georeferencing, and digitizing from old topographic maps. The use of 7 workstations working simultaneously was required to meet the time sensitive deadline for this project.

National Park Service

Digitize the Sequoia tree geodatabase

Sequoia National Park wanted to bring its tree inventory from a simple Access database to a geodatabase. GIS Surveyors was contracted to transfer Sequoia tree data from paper maps and Access attributes to a geodatabase to include 69,000 features. The Park now uses the Sequoia geodatabase containing 35 feature datasets (trees, downed trees, and reproductive clumps) as crucial information in developing monitoring programs.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Native Allotments Update for Alaska

The BIA required an update of Native allotments for townsites in Alaska. GIS Surveyors used COGO to populate a GIS layer with parcel information from scanned plats, CAD data, and legal descriptions. The BIA administers this data out of the Juneau Regional office to manage all tribes in the nation’s largest native region.


Resource Management Plan Data Organization

The Bureau of Land Management uses GIS data to support its Resource Management Plans. GIS Surveyors was given a disk of 35,000 files to organize, provide database schema changes, and ensure proper metadata for the Lewistown Field Office. The data was used to support a new data repository standard for all offices in the State of Montana as they were served through SDE in a shared network.