State of New Mexico

Develop the NMCRIS database and geospatial permitting system

The State of New Mexico contains over 300,000 archaeological sites and needs to manage these sites for approvals of millions of dollars of development. GIS Surveyors was contracted to create the New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System (NMCRIS) using ArcSDE, SQL Server DB, and Map Services. We have maintained this contract for 5 years to be available for development site permitting that is used statewide by cultural resource contractors, land managers, agency reviewers, and academic researchers.


Program the Computer Assisted Resource Analysis Tool extension

The BLM needed a process to have different scientific personal perform their sign offs before oil/gas permits could be issues and they wanted a GIS-based decision tool known as the Computer Assisted Resource Analysis Tool (CARAT). GIS Surveyors worked on this yearlong project to create this as an extension to ArcGIS desktop for use in Wyoming and New Mexico field offices. Drill permits were easier to issue as users are now able to enter new projects that could be reviewed, updated, or evaluated against various categories of data.

SD Airport Authority

Develop the Map Dashboard for Emergency Electrical System

In a power outage situation, the SD Airport Authority wanted to quickly assess which components and systems would continue to run on auxiliary power and thus needed a web map interface to view this. GIS Surveyors created a map dashboard app that displayed all electrical components and systems on auxiliary power based on a new electrical inventory and new database schema. The Emergency Response application now retrieves this data for easy and fast access to secure users to find out which electrical components will be online/offline during an outage.

Defense Intelligence Agency

Program the Layer Wizard Analyst extension

The Defense Intelligence Agency wanted to significantly streamline and simplify common tasks for data import, data creation, geographic coordinate conversion and presentation. GIS Surveyors was contracted to provide DIA intelligence analysts with an extension to ArcGIS to simplify many of their most common GIS tasks. This year-long project offered an enhanced workflow for their users in Latin America Narcotics (LAN) to spend more time doing analysis and significantly less time in manipulating data.


ArcGIS Extension Upgrades

The USFWS uses several custom tools to improve workflows for their refuge staff. This includes Refuge Lands GIS (RLGIS), Realty Tools, and Partners for Fish & Wildlife GIS (PFWGIS). GIS Surveyors assessed and upgraded each of these extensions to work with the latest ArcGIS 10.x software. These extensions are used nationwide in these types of programs: Invasive species mitigation, fire management, habitat restoration, wildlife protection, and facilities mapping.


SharePoint Portal Development

The BLM Washington office wanted a central SharePoint portal to streamline business processes and facilitate information-sharing among project stakeholders for the Natural Resources Division. GIS Surveyors developed data, document, and workflow management tools in SharePoint to include: redesign of Resources & Planning SharePoint site; streamlining the budget transfer approval process; and human resources employee onboarding. Training, technical support and ongoing development were provided for 1.5 year contract.