Good people make projects successful.

This is why we don’t just hire resumes. Paul Loska, founder of GIS Surveyors Inc., has a Marine Corps background and emphasizes these values: responsibility, follow-through, and communication. We love to apply our technical skills in challenging situations where you’ll hear us bring innovative thinking to the job by saying ‘What if?’

Who we are.

Paul Loska, Founder and President

30 years experience, California licensed Land Surveyor
Paul began his surveying career in 1987 as an Artillery Surveyor in the United States Marine Corps where he learned the value of attention to detail and honed the ability to solve problems in less than ideal situations. After becoming a California Licensed Surveyor in 2002, Paul’s vision for embracing the values of combining land surveying and GIS into one company became reality. Paul’s passion for customer support, team building and providing value and innovation are the driving forces behind the culture of GIS Surveyors.
His passions: Faith, family, and hunting

Matthew T. Van Eck, GISP , Vice President

13 years GIS experience, BS Geography
Matt has worked on various projects for a diverse list of clients ranging from local, state and federal government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. He oversees the Major Projects group for San Diego Gas and Electric. He was awarded Best of Show and Winner of the National Geographic Society Award in the 30th ACSM Map Design Competition.
His passions: Hiking, swimming, and travel

Shannon Conaway, VP Survey Operations

20 years experience, BS Surveying Engineering,
California licensed Land Surveyor

Shannon manages a survey and mapping team that schedules control, design and construction surveying activities and provides for quality control. He has extensive office and field experience in right of way services boundary resolution, design mapping, construction staking, and geographic information systems. He has repeatedly delivered in large scale utility corridor projects for SDGE, SoCal Gas, and Southern California Edison.
His passions: RV’ing, BBQ’ing with family

Andres Abeyta, VP GIS Operations

24 years experience, MA Geography
Andres has been all over the US performing training, developing GIS e-learning, and managing software development projects for large user-bases. He has an immense network in the federal user community where he has run projects for most agencies such as USMC, NAVFAC, NOAA, USFS, and BLM. He loves following the evolving technology and thinking about education to increase user adoption.
His passions: Family, fly-fishing, and changing the education system

Troy Johnson, PLS-CADD Engineer

6 years experience, BS Civil Engineering
Troy is well versed in mapping processes that include producing 3D surfaces, Real Estate Summary Maps, and topographic maps using AutoDesk Civil 3D, ArcGIS, and PLS-CADD. He is also experienced with various types of field surveys including: boundary, topographic and construction staking. Troy currently manages PLS-CADD processes for GSI.
His passions: Dog rescue volunteer, live music, sports with family

Dennis Rose, Survey Manager

15 years experience, California licensed Land Surveyor
Dennis has brought his background in the information systems industry to the survey industry allowing him to gain a technological advantage when it comes to providing real world solutions to a variety of land survey related issues. His ability to effectively communicate the needs of his clients to the field crews and mappers ensures that the job is done efficiently, effectively and on schedule.
His passions: Music, playing guitar, and enjoying professional sports

Elizabeth Abeyta, Web Developer

20 years experience, MS Physical Therapy and certificate in Web/Graphic Design
Liz has been tackling all things multimedia as each new technology comes along. This includes HTML programming, video editing, graphic design, social media content generation and marketing, and e-Learning developer. She knows a variety of software including: Adobe Premier, After Effects, Captivate, Articulate, and WordPress.
Her passions: Kids’ soccer and volleyball, oil painting

Zach Leigh, GIS Coordinator

16 years experience, BA Geography
Zach has 9 years of contract work within the Marine Corps and Navy working on various high level projects. He has experience with ArcSDE administration, SDSFIE, managing employees and solving complex client issues via help desk support. He worked to develop the Range Maintenance Viewer for the USMC that coupled SharePoint and ArcGIS to create a maintenance tracking system for all the ranges aboard Camp Pendleton.
His passions: Mountain biking, surfing, and family travel

Max McLellan, Business Development Director

5 years experience, BS Geography
Max Started his career in Austin, Texas in the Technology Sales Space. In college at Texas State University, Max found a love for Geography and Mapping. He has experience selling a wide variety of technology, advertising and marketing solutions and leveraging Sales Force Data Center in a mature sales process. He is currently in the Vice-Chair position for NDIA Social Media outreach for Gold Coast Conference.
His passions: Live music, aquariums, and community volunteering

Gavin McKellar, Chief of Survey Parties

20 years experience, B.Sc Topographic Science
Gavin has worked on a multitude of small & large scale projects for private, public, and government clients. He is proficient in all types of survey hardware and software for both GPS and terrestrial measurement methods. He is able to process all survey data to produce GIS or CAD deliverables. His management experience allows him to work closely with both staff & clients to ensure a quality product is delivered.
His passions: Energetic daughter, Project Wildlife rescue volunteer

Mark Counts, Senior Project Surveyor

12 years experience, BA English, California licensed Land Surveyor
Mark has managed large construction projects, control networks, and topographic mapping endeavors. He also teaches the advanced surveying classes for Santiago Canyon College which include geodesy, error analysis, GPS, aerial photogrammetry, and route surveying. He is fully immersed in the local land surveying community via professional mentorships, CLSA, and academic fellowships.
His passions: Family, community edification, and audio/visual arts

Jacob R. Sharp, Senior Project Surveyor

18 years experience, California licensed Land Surveyor
Jacob manages large land acquisition projects in Southern California. His skills on infrastructure design projects include: multiple grade separations, high-pressure gas line replacement and testing, and utility and transportation corridor land surveying. He has a specialty in process improvement, and in the management and mentor-ship in the production of top quality and value-added deliverables.
His passions: Musical performance & history, snowboarding, anything on a lake

Joe Hicks, Project Manager

24 years experience, California licensed Land Surveyor
Joe manages major capital programs which includes infrastructure, transportation, utility location, land development and land surveying tasks. He has progressive experience starting in the field as a chainman up to survey group manager to program execution. He provides development of standards, templates, work guidelines and training for staff and external clients.
His passions: Family, music, and camping


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